Laser Dentistry & Gum Surgery Melbourne – Gentle and Effective

The use of laser is one of the most exciting technological advances in dental patient care in decades.

Laser dentistry is a solution for patients who dislike drills and it allows a better quality of dental care and healing than in the past.

At Smile Solutions in Melbourne, your suitability for laser dentistry will be assessed, in consultation with you, by one of our specialist periodontists (gum specialists) who specialise in gum and dental bone support:

We use a combination of Versa Wave, Light Touch ErYAG, iPlus Biolase and Fox diode laser systems.


Laser Fillings

The term “laser fillings” refers to the use of laser technology to target and remove decay before a tooth is filled. Needles and drilling are sometimes not required when laser is used in this way. A drill may still be needed to remove amalgam if the tooth is being re-filled, but because lasers are effective in reducing sensitivity. They may lead to less pulpal trauma and post-operative sensitivity.

Laser fillings do away with high-pitched drilling noises. Lasers are also more accurate than conventional drills, removing only the decayed part of a tooth and leaving enamel intact; and they do not cause the tiny cracks that conventional drilling can cause.

A laser filling procedure slightly longer than a conventional filling. Unlike conventional fillings, laser fillings can be carried out in all parts of the mouth in one visit if a local anaesthetic is not required.


Laser Gum Surgery

Most soft tissue procedures that would normally be performed with a scalpel and local anaesthesia can now be carried out more quickly and virtually pain-free with laser. There is often no need for stitches, depending on the procedure, so healing can happen up to five to six times faster.

For example, a laser cosmetic gum lift across the front six teeth would require you to spend less than half the time in the dental chair as conventional surgery, and cost half as much. A predictable outcome can be achieved with little or no bleeding, and post-operative painkillers are usually not needed. You can also have your teeth whitened within a week, compared with the obligatory six to eight weeks’ healing required following conventional gum surgery.